Resolutions or Not




Every year I hear many of my dear friends make resolutions for the new year.  I have to admit I used to do the same thing.  But here is what I have learned over the years about resolutions.  I am terrible at keeping them.  In fact most of the time I had long forgotten them by or before the end of January.  The thing is I really like me most of the time.  I realize I am a work in progress all the time and God has his hands full with me.  But I do like having a focus.  Something that I think will help me move forward in my little world.  I pray about it for a while and often it is by surprise that God points the way.  Can I just say, God’s timetable does not meet mine?  There are many times it is not by January 1 that I know the direction we are heading.  For someone who likes to know things ahead of time, this is a bit mind boggling at times and I am pretty sure God uses it to bring me out of my comfort zone.

In the last few months of 2014, my family experienced a loss in our family.  It touched my heart very deeply and I just seemed to go through the moments.  As  I was looking back I felt like God was asking me to awake my soul, my very being.  I love music and so many of the songs that I listened to had those words in it.  My devotions did too.  I did not like the word at all and I am still not sure what God is going to do with that and our journey.  But I am game for the adventure.  AWAKEN!  What does that mean?  Already he has shown me that I need to live in the moments.  Once they are gone, I can’t get them back.  How true to heart that is.  I am working on having a healthy body and spirit and somehow I believe God will awaken me as we walk together.  I have never been one to like being out of my comfort zone, but I believe God is going to ask that of me.  I can choose to let fear rule or I can choose to follow God’s lead and live in the moment.  Who knows what I will discover.  But I will never know unless I take the risk.  I don’t want to go through life not truly living and missing out on some of the most treasured moments God is holding out to me.




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