A Lesson From Winter




This is my world right now.  I might appreciate it a bit more if there were purple streaks or something.  I am not a friend of winter.  It is not my cup of tea and yet it never fails to come in full force in my neck of the woods.  You would think by now I would be used to it.  But really the cold always seems to settle deep in my very being.  Although it does make me keep the tea kettle going always.  Yesterday was my first day back to the classroom after break.  I really was looking forward to seeing my little butterflies and getting back into routine.  I am a person who thrives on routine.  The night before the wind blew and blew and made a nice drift in my driveway.  I thought oh this is not going to be good.  Bless my dear hubby, he went to start my car and make a path for me so I could get out.  Did I mention we live on a small acreage?  He gave me directions how to pull out and get on my merry way.  I thought I did that until I was stuck in the drift.  I don’t mean a little, but more like snow up to the doors of my car stuck.  I tromped back to the house and hubby and son pushed me out.   I thought oh good I made it.  Didn’t give it much thought until I came home from school and thought I need to follow the tracks.  The wind had blown the tracks shut and I was stuck for the second time in one day and just a short distance from my garage.  I thought I am not going to call hubby, I can get out and no one will know.  I went to get shovel and started scooping snow.  I scooped a long while and finally thought I had made a path to get me to garage and I would be home free.  I get in car and it wouldn’t budge.  What I couldn’t see was the snow under car.  My car is very low to ground so it doesn’t take much.  So much for doing on my own.  I had to call hubby and in tears told him I was stuck again.  He did rescue and hugged me and said it is ok.  We will fix this before you go to work again.  I have a prince of a hubby.

Later as I was reflecting on how the day began and ended the same, God touched my heart.  He reminded me that I am not meant to do everything alone.  I don’t have to.  In other words He is there to help, all I have to do is call on Him.  I have to allow Him to help, rather than thinking I don’t need his help.  Truth is I do every day.  My living in the moment yesterday turned out to be a concrete lesson for my heart and soul.  I am sure it won’t be the last time I need that lesson as I am a work in progress, but I was touched how God was patient with me as my hubby was and gently reminded me we are not meant to do all on our own.  I am hopeful in the days ahead I will remember that.


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