Old Fashioned That Way



I love hot tea.  It is something I have been doing since I was about 8.  It began as time with my sweet grandma and became a habit I never quit.  Being a teacher, it is not uncommon to see one with coffee or tea in their favorite cup.  Our workroom has a Kerig machine that will make just about whatever one could want hot to drink.  I don’t use it.  My sweet friends tell me I need to move with the times and become modern.  I giggle.  I don’t think so.  That machine doesn’t make tea the right way in my opinion.  It is speedy, I will give it that, but for one to truly enjoy a cup of tea, one must be willing to wait.  I use a tea kettle.  I love the music of a tea kettle.  It is music to my soul.  I love being able to hear the bubbles popping as it is near ready and then watching it as I pour into my favorite cup or teapot.  Then I wait because good tea has to steep to bring out its flavor.  I suppose to some waiting 5 minutes is too long in a world where we can find things out in a few seconds.  You see, making tea the old fashioned way, allows me to slow down and for me that is key.  We are bombarded with information through facebook, twitter, email, instagram, and our phones.  Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, but I need simple and quiet moments.  Time to just be.  Often in those few moments, I see something I may have missed if it weren’t for afternoon tea.  It is often in these small moments that I live out some of my most profound moments.  God never ceases to amaze me at how he can take those few moments and share so much with my heart.  Once my tea has steeped, I sip it slowly.  It is not meant to be taken quickly.  Those are the moments I find simple, sweet joy and breathe.  I love to just close my eyes and say thank you Lord.  I am at a place in my journey where I need my purple skies of living in the moment and tea allows that.  I guess I am old fashioned that way and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Those are the moments I remember the most and smile and take it to my heart to treasure.  I love the fact that afternoon tea is something I look forward to each day and can celebrate life in those moments.  So I believe I will raise my cup to January being celebrated as hot tea month and my sweet grandma for showing me life’s most simple and profound moments are worth the time.



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