Sunday Rest





I love Sundays! It is always the day of the week I look forward to the most.  It is the day I slow down from my normal routine and just allow my soul and body to rest for the week ahead.  It is the day I find joy so easily because I am not thinking to the next thing on my do list, what activity am I to be at, do I have my papers graded, etc.  I think you get the picture.  We live in a world that stresses to do more or you might miss out.  Doing more is where we miss out and not only that we become tired.  Why is it that if one slows down, that is seen as being lazy or not keeping up with the world?  I have never really understood that or even thought I was like that until recently.  I am no means old, but I am not as young as I used to be and I realized I am ready for simple in my life.  How can I experience the moments that take my breath away if I am living at break fast speed?  I can’t and here’s the thing …. I don’t want too.  I want to enjoy life and I want to look back on it and see that I truly lived the moments that God gave me.  His beauty is in the ordinary things and so often I miss them because I don’t take the time to see.  Rest is good for us and allows our mind to chill and our body to heal from the stress of the week.  God has chosen to awaken me to simple joys in the ordinary things of life, the mundane, the things that make me smile, a time to awaken to Him.  I am willing to give up fast paced for Him and the beauty He brings to my heart.  That is the treasure of living in the moments right before our eyes.


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