Unique and Beautiful



Although today I was very  busy, I found myself having spots of time to just take in the world around me.  It began at my school where I teach as we hosted a big basketball tournament and I saw the many sides of people.  Some tall, some short, grandmas and grandpas, moms and dads, etc.  A variety of people brought together by basketball and a chance for me to see Jesus at work.  I then traveled to a wrestling tournament to watch my son and got the chance to take in a beautiful drive there.  It was 50 here in January.  Can I say that is a rare and beautiful thing?  It is not green at all, but yet the land was unique and beautiful in a way that only winter can show.  Then to church to sing in choir and hear beautiful and unique voices in God’s house.  What joy!

My one word is awaken.  I thought to myself how many times I would not truly pay attention to what is around me due to me thinking where I am to be, what time, etc.  Today God opened my eyes to awaken me to all that is unique and beautiful in ways I never truly realized.  I am not a winter person, but today for a rare time in January I got a break and a chance to experience how even winter can bring beauty.  Watching my son in determination to do his best on the mat and him sharing his joy with me… priceless.  Hearing the songs of praise from a unique voice ….wonderful.

The fact is, there is beauty all around us in unique ways, if we awaken our hearts and don’t just see with our eyes.  What a beautiful blessing today from God.  Priceless treasure to ponder.  Love it!


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