Cozy Day




I awoke to this scene today.  It is very snowy, cold, and windy.  My little farm is right near a highway and I know when there is no traffic that it is not nice outside.  Earlier this week we had 60 degrees.  I thanked the Lord for a small break in the cold.  But though it is yucky outside, I enjoyed looking at the scene before me.  The snow is beautiful and made me smile.

I thought today is a day to cozy up with a great book, my teapot full of my favorite tea, and a blanket.  It is as though God said you need to rest today.  Enjoy being inside with your family and just be.  I love how God knows my every need before I do.  He is in the ordinary and magnificent.  Who else but God could make each snowflake unique and bring a winter beauty as only He can?  So today I am going to enjoy the cozy day and give thanks that I don’t have to venture outside and yet still be awakened to the beauty of today.

Blessings on this Sunday to all of you.  May it be a day of rest and coziness to revive and renew before the week ahead.


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