Well, it seems winter has decided to add to our snow totals.   We had quite a storm over the weekend and another storm came through last night and made for a morning mess of more snow and wind.  That equals another day off from school for this teacher.  Winter requires discipline and being awake to what lies ahead. That seems to fit right in with what God and I have been wrestling about lately.  I asked God to awaken my soul and he has lately,  just not in the way I thought it would be.  Right now he is teaching me about discipline and to be awake to what he is asking me to do.  I was pondering this as I was exercising today.  First of all, I lack discipline in exercise.  To be frank, I hate to do it and will find anything to get out of doing it.  Then I wonder why my scale is not moving the direction I would like.  Who knew that wanting to lose just a few pounds would be hard and require discipline.  Now that my exercise for the day is over, I am feeling good.  I am sure tomorrow it will be like pulling teeth to convince me to get moving and do it a second day in a row.

God reminded me that just like I need to make time to take care of my body, my soul can not be awakened and cared for if I am not disciplined in meeting with Him.  Lately it has been a struggle to just say I need this time for me.  I am a person who wants to care for those I dearly love and that is often a full time job.  God has been nudging me as I whine that I can’t balance things that change is possible if I was a bit more disciplined to sit with Him and see what He would have me do for the day.  The thing is I am sure it would not be in my plan.  Did I say I was a plan person?  Well I am!!!!! So it seems I am always trying to tell God how we should walk our journey together.  The thing is God is a with us God.  He pursues us.  He wants to fill our needs, but we have to do our part.  So in my lessons along the way lately, I am learning that discipline is a good thing even when one is kicking and screaming all the way down the path.  Yep you guessed it, my walk is never boring with God.  I am sure He chuckles daily at my antics.

I am ever thankful that God grants me grace daily when I fail to follow through on making Him a priority.  His mercy is new every morning and I praise Him for loving me so very much that He continues to mold me to what His plan is, not mine.  I am sure I have many lessons to go but I am up for the adventure.



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