Joy In Challenge


I am  a mom of twins, who are the joy of my life.  I thank God every day for allowing me the gift of being their mom.  In a few short months, they will graduate from high school and move onto the next step in their journey.  I have so enjoyed seeing how God has worked in their lives and made them in young men I am very proud of and can’t wait to see what God will do next.  As you can see, they love their dog, Shadow, who we recently had to put down.  We miss him a great deal.  My son on the right is a wrestler.  He is good at it and loves it.  Yesterday, I watched him wrestle in the district matches and it was quite a challenge.  His goal was to make state tournament and he did but not without some bumps in the road.  What I was challenged by was how he kept working at it, even when he lost the first match and cut his head.  He was down but God showed him hands on that sometimes what we want may not go according our plan, but His.  Often that means we will be challenged before we reach our goal.  My son has always been determined, both of them are, and while he wanted that first win, he decided to look at what he learned from that loss.  He took to heart that sometimes the plan changes.  It doesn’t mean he won’t reach his goal, it means the path to the goal has changed.

I truly believe God uses these moments to show us who He is and to teach us some lessons we would never get any other way.  Hands on is sometimes the way He gets our attention.  I thought to myself would I be as determined as my sons are when things change and they have to make a new path?  I am not sure I am which is probably why God uses a lot of hands on lessons with me.  I am a person who needs to experience things.  As my son said yesterday it was hard and challenging, but he had joy in knowing he survived the bumpy path to the next step on the journey.  I have no doubt my sons will be challenged, but I also have no doubt that God will use their determination and perseverance to complete their journey and achieve their dreams.  I feel very blessed to have two sons who teach me so much about life and living in the moments.  While they are a challenge, they are pure joy as well.  God has taught me more life lessons through them that I might have missed without them.

How often do we choose the easy way out to avoid challenge?  Food for thought but after watching my son yesterday I think I will follow his lead and just go with it.  Going with it can bring joy even in challenge and allow me to experience life moments the way God intended.


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