In The Quiet




Life for me has been busy with two boys soon to be graduating, working full time, and being a wife.  The busyness has become as big as noisy ocean waves in my mind at times.  There is nothing like getting forced to slow down and take the time to listen.  This week I had an illness that took me to bed and made it so I couldn’t do much at all, but rest.   Today I still have no voice, but the waves in my life have calmed considerably and God has brought me to a place of quiet.  Why is it we are afraid of the quiet sometimes?  We don’t know what to do if we aren’t doing something every minute of the day.  I found myself reflecting on this during the week.  Somehow I think God knew it was time for a lesson and the only way I could slow down was my body saying enough.

In the quiet I have learned this week I am not super woman, nor is anyone asking that of me.  But somehow I don’t like to say no because I don’t like letting those dear to me down.  But I realized I can’t be good to anyone if I don’t take of me, and that means being in the quiet for refreshment for soul and body.  Putting aside to do lists, making priorities, and doing something I like.  When God made that clear to me, I found tears in my eyes.  I thought why can’t I get this through my head?  God gently reminded me that I need to start the day by asking Him what He would have me do with my day.  I believe spending time with Him is the first place to start.  My journey with Him is anything but boring.  I love that is an adventure.  But I get in trouble when I don’t make Him the priority He should be.  He is gracious and merciful to me as I reset my focus.

I learned that my soul and body crave the quiet.  My job of teaching is noisy most days and demanding.  Being a wife and mom is wonderful, but requires me to take time for me, so I can be there for them.  My dear hubby has taken great care of me this week and has reminded me that life won’t fall apart if I say no or I do less in my day.  Our days are not meant to go all the hours of the day.  They were meant to be lived and enjoyed.  Lived in the ordinary, beautiful, and amazing moments God gives us. Those moments include resting in the quiet.  Some lessons are learned the hard way with a nudge we didn’t ask for, but needed, before it was too late.  I am thankful that God reminds me of my need to be in the quiet, for it is where I can I curl up in His arms.


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