Finding Balance in the Chaos





We have been experiencing much needed rain this week.  It is a blessing and reminds me that it brings balance to what is needed to make the earth spring to life.  The earth needs a balance of sun, warmth, and rain to bring forth life in crops, flowers, trees, and green grass.  As I was watching the rain fall, I was thinking how lately it seems that I have been in a bit of chaos.  I have been searching for balance amid a chaotic, busy life.  In a month, my sons will turn 19 and graduate from high school.  Oh the wild emotions that does to this mother’s heart.  I have watched as God has been working in their lives and allowing me the gift of walking the journey with them.  Now they will have their wings take them out on their own and while I want nothing more than for them to grow and soar, it brings a bit of chaos to my heart as I realize my role will change.  I am not a big fan of change which may explain a bit of unbalance.

As a teacher, I am trying to focus on the last weeks of school and get in as much learning as I can and finding that it is a bit chaotic when your students have the fever to be outside.  Don’t we all?  Chaos in the classroom.  As I was pondering how lately I have felt like a rubber band stretched so thin that I have just known I was going to break.  I am a person who needs time for her soul to rest and refresh.  I don’t do chaos well.  Just as rain brings balance to the earth, so God brings balance to my heart.  He reminds me that I serve Him, I need to breathe and realize it is ok to rest.  My world will be better for it.  It won’t be chaos.  It will be well with my soul.  My heart needed that reminder that I need to sit at His feet daily, so I can have balance even when my world seems to be filled with chaos.  He is the calm in the chaos.  I need only whisper His name.

So as I enjoy watching the rain, I am sitting in the quiet whispering His name and waiting for Him to fill my soul with all that it needs so I can begin tomorrow and the next day and the day after with balance amid the chaos of all that will be experienced in my life journey the next few weeks.  Somehow I believe I will find just what I need if I sit with daily to breathe and listen for His heartbeat.

Blessings on your day my dear friends.  May you find balance amid your chaos as well.


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