Technology Wimp




Happy Sunday.  It is a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods.  I love sunshine and warmth.  It just makes me smile.  Many of you know I am a teacher and as teachers we sometimes go to conferences.  This past week, I attended a technology conference with my fellow staff.  Now let me say that before I went to this conference, I thought I was pretty tech savvy!  I use the internet, blog, facebook, twitter, and know of instagram and tumbler, etc.  I often think whatever happened to life before all of this tech stuff.    I still believe in personal handwritten notes, letters, and phone calls.  Don’t be too hard on me, I like personal and while I enjoy a lot of the tech stuff, I often feel it leaves the personal out.  We like things fast and yet as I can testify to, it also makes me think at times, my life is not as good as others.  But that is another post.

I chose my workshops for this conference and went to the first one.  I was fascinated by the fact so many teachers were taking pictures with their ipads and phones of the qr code on the screen.  I had no idea what a qr code is (still don’t really get it) and why they were doing what they were.  My curiosity got the best of me.  I had to ask the teacher next to me.  She said well you can get their slide show and notes without paper copies right on your tablet or phone.  But of course you have to have the app.  She said where have you been all this time?  I thought I am an old teacher!!!!!!!  I never felt so much like a fish out of water as I did at that moment.  I have been taking a tech class all year and using a lot more technology in my classroom and thought I had made big steps.  Apparently I am ancient history in the eyes of this teacher who politely told me I need to get with the times.  It was then I realized I am a technology wimp!  Let me say I was not thrilled by the end of the first day with technology at all.  I didn’t want to go back the conference either.

I did go back the second day and found there are many like me.  Struggling to keep our values of teaching in place with the pace of our society today and using technology when we can.  What a relief.  What I learned was that technology is here to stay.  But there is still a place for teaching how to be personal through writing with pencil and paper and sharing our hearts face to face.  I am thankful we have so many ways to communicate and to learn but let us not think personal is not important.  I will probably always be a technology wimp even when I think I am savvy!  Next week my new phone and I will get acquainted and I am sure my sons will have to show their sweet mama how to use this latest techie thing in my possession.  Who knows maybe I will figure it out on my own and then go yippie!!!! I am a tech savvy mama!  Life is never boring in my neck of the woods and it is in those moments I live for daily.

Blessings on this beautiful day.


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