Life On The Farm




So much for getting back into writing on a regular basis.  I live on a farm and well sometimes I have discovered it takes over any plans I had made.  I didn’t grow up on a farm and let me say it has taken me 24 years to truly appreciate living on  the farm.  Now I wouldn’t trade it for anything, except maybe a day on the beach.

Life on the farm is never dull.  It is always an adventure.  Never more so than when our cows got out.  It is always interesting to me that only happens when I am home alone.  They never seem to think a party is necessary when my hubby and sons are home.  The other night I thought I would go out and enjoy the sunset.  When I opened our door, I was met with a pair of cow eyes looking at me.  I thought really by now I should be able to get them back in.  But here is the thing.  They don’t listen to me.  Not at all!!!!! In fact I believe they celebrate when I am the one who has to try and bring them in.  When in reality, I bring chaos.  I am sure I am wearing a neon sign that says let the party begin.  No matter of my coaxing, bribing with feed, etc worked.  I was only successful in keeping them out of the newly planted trees.  Somehow I felt that was a point in my favor.  Tammy 1….Cows 20.  The thing is I love cows and watching them.  We have babies now too that I enjoy watching.  We all get along as long as we are all where we are supposed to be.  My hubby came home and called them home and in the gate they went.  I thought how does he do that?  He must be the cow whisperer.

Lately I thought our washing machine was causing water to run on my floor.  This had been happening for a long while.  Called the repairman whom decided that the washing machine was not the problem but our drain was plugged to our septic tank.  Yikes!  Thanks so much.  So much for a new washing machine.  We unclogged the drain to which I told my hubby water was still flowing freely.  Much longer we might need to think about purchasing a boat.  Upon further investigation, we discovered our water heater was the culprit of most of our water problems.  So call repairman and 600 hundred dollars later we are back in service.  Farm life!!!

The thing is you never know what the day holds on the farm.  It is an adventure I have been trying to figure out for lots of years.  I am pretty sure I am never going to ever be clear of adventure.  So I embrace it and smile most days,  except when dealing with cows or blown water heaters.  I love that you never know what to expect, but at the end of the day you feel good.  You hear the animals settle for the night, gentle breezes cross your face, and you watch the moon light up the field.  That is living in the moment and in my book worth every bit of adventure.

Until next time, have a great day.



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