The Gift of Laughter





The other day on a walk I saw so many beautiful birds.  The nests are being heavily guarded as it is near time to have baby birds born.  I just love watching them.  They bring me simple joy.  We have a lot of robins, wrens, finches, and more than I can name.  But the other day I had a bird who definitely wants his presence to be made known.

It all began with what sounded like a loud scream.  Of course my mama side went into fast mode.  I thought someone was hurt.  But all was well.  So I went back to my flowers and didn’t think much about it.  It wasn’t long after that, I heard this scream again and again.  I began to get curious as to where it came from and what was it.  It sounded pathetic.  To my dismay, I couldn’t find it.  All was quiet again and back to work on my flowers I went.  It seemed that I had been busy for a while, when once again I heard this obnoxious scream.  I thought I have got to find out what is making all this commotion.  I did find it lives in one of our trees.  But it is still mysterious.  We all hear it and have decided it enjoys being obnoxious and seeing how long it be before we become annoyed and think we need to find it.  Honestly by about the fifth time, I began to laugh out loud.  I am sure this bird thinks it has won.  I thought maybe it grew tired of me looking for it  and flew off.  Today I was less than amused when around 5 am, it began to squawk and scream.  Let me say it has not a lovely melody.  It is really obnoxious.  But I laugh because if nothing else my curiosity is peaked and I am hopeful that one day I will see this creature who gifts us daily with its screams and squawks.

Life on the farm is never boring and most often laughter is heard because some days you just need it.  The Lord has given it as a gift, so use it my friends, and more importantly, enjoy it.  I will have to let you know if I ever see this mysterious creature.  It is probably some small bird with a big mouth!!!!


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