I bet ya’ll thought I had left the planet.  Well, no…but nearly.  My granddaughters were here for the past week and can I just say they took over the house and life.  I forgot had it is to have small children and remembered my days as a young mom.  Yikes!  That seemed like eons ago!  Let me just say while I love them dearly, I was relieved when it was time for them to go home spoiled and back to their routine and me to mine.  They are full of energy and joy and all the things I love about the moments of my life, but I am a creature of habit who needs her routine  back.

Yesterday my mind began to flutter about getting my classroom ready for the new year when I came across an ad for back to school!!!!!!! Yes you read that right and it is not even July yet.  It is barely officially summer and they are talking back to school.  I was like no way.  I am just beginning to enjoy the summer days.  Seems like summer goes by faster and faster.  YIKES!!!!!!!

Then a dear friend told me that she went to Hobby Lobby (love that store) and they already had Christmas things up.  I am so far from thinking about Christmas.  YIKES!!!!!

I know life continues on but it seems to me that time flies by faster than I ever want it to and I always think what happened to the day I am currently in and how did we get through June so fast?  July will be here and my sons will go off to college and school will begin and well that led me to stop and just breathe!

Yes the days go fast, but I think we have to treasure each moment, even the YIKE moments, and live it to the fullest as once it is gone…it is gone.  I am going to enjoy the slowing down I have while I can and think about the YIKES later.  How about you?

Blessings my friends,



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