I don’t know about ya’ll but I love vacations.  When I was little I couldn’t wait to see where we were going.  Even if it was to visit my favorite grandma, we would stop along the way to sight see and meet people.  My own Mr. Darcy did not go on many vacations as he grew up on a farm with dairy cows, crops, and it was hard to find someone to tend to it.  We live on a farm too with animals that have to be cared for as well and I realized it is a big responsibility to ask someone to care for them.  So we took day vacations with our sons and I found that they were just as fun.  We still laugh about many of our side trips along the way.  But what treasures and memories we all have.

My husband is a high school teacher and each summer he sends students to Washington D.C. to a leadership conference and to learn about our country.  This year he and I are chaperones.  I am thinking VACATION!!!!!! oh yes!!!!! Being a teacher myself who loves history and vacation this is about got me jumping and leaping for joy.  Told my Mr. Darcy I felt like a kid again.  It is a great time to go before sons go to college, I have to hit my classroom hard, and we help his family with harvest.  I am praying for safe travel, fun, and relaxing.  Today has been busy with getting ready and making meals for my sons and making sure we had to week figured out.  This would be one of those times I am thankful for texting.

I hope to be able to take this down time and renew and refresh.  I am excited to see how God uses this time as well.  Therefore the blog will be quiet for this week, but you never know I may have to post something that tickles me.  I hope you all have a vacation, even a day to refresh.  We work hard and while that is good, we all need time to rest as well.

Have a beautiful week my friends!



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