Joy in the Chaos

In the chaos of my summer almost being over, two sons in the throngs of getting ready for college, and getting my classroom ready, and managing farm life, I became a grandma this week.  I had been under the gun on several projects when I got a text that said Hudsyn James had been born.

HudsynLaytonNeedless to say I was filled with such joy as was big brother.  One look at that beautiful little boy and I melted.  I can say he already has me wrapped around his finger.  Being a grandma is something that is just wonderful.  My sons are equally proud of being uncles to these two little guys.  I spent the day with them yesterday and sat in awe of such tiny little fingers and toes and a face that could melt my heart.  God is so creative when He knits us together.  I am sure I told Him thank you more times than I could count.  I was amazed at how big brother takes such tender care of his little brother and was telling me all about school that will be starting for him soon.  He is such a grown up at times.

God showed me that while life is often chaotic, there is joy daily and it is given by Him.  All we have to do is take the time to slow down and look and let it fill our hearts.  Joy in the chaos is something I need, something I can hold on too, and something I can fill my heart with.  It is a treasure for each of us that God gives us.  He doesn’t push us to accept it, he allows us to decide.  I for one, don’t want to miss out on the treasures He offers because it makes getting through the chaos a bit easier.

Until next time, be blessed by the joy God shares with you.  It is a treasure worth savoring.



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