Monday Madness



Monday madness I have decided to call the start of my week.  I am still trying to get into routine with going back to school with my own class of butterflies, getting my Mr. Darcy into routine in his classroom, and adjusting to two sons going to college.  One son had his housing change and is living at home for now and driving back and forth.  His twin left to go to his college and that has been adjustment for them as well.  They are close in a way that is not described in words.  I began to chuckle this morning when the one son needed some mom help not once, twice, but three times.  Taking that next step is scary even if you don’t want to admit it.  As I was thinking and pondering on how this day became madness before 10:00 am.  I came across a verse that touched my heart.

From the rising of the sun until the going down of the same,

the Lord’s name is to be praised.

~Psalm 113:3~

Even in the madness of our days, we are to praise the name of God.  I found myself praising Him for the madness of the day. That I was even able to experience it, that my sons were beginning their journey of college, that my Mr. Darcy and I were adjusting to being almost empty nesters, maybe completely so in the next few months.  It was a moment to breathe and live in the moment.  I am convinced this will not be easy every time, but God asks  it of us.  So let us praise Him no matter how our day is going.  He is worth it and He loves us.

So happy Monday!  I hope it has been blessed.



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