In The Quiet




Have you ever stopped and realized how much noise we have in our daily lives?  Sometimes we become so used to it, we don’t even acknowledge it.  I recently took notice of the amount of noise I had going on in my day.  It was astounding!  Now I do realize there is hardly a way to get away from no noise at all, for goodness sake I teach third and fourth grade where the idea of silence would cause uproar if enforced all the time.  I believe the reason I began to focus on it was the fact when I came home from work, I felt like my mind was just covered in noise and the need for quiet came to focus.

I realized that lately I thought God was silent, when in reality I couldn’t hear His voice because I had so much going on in my mind.  I had a file for Him and maybe on a good day I would get to Him.  What I realized is that my spirit was slowing shutting down from lack of time to quiet.  I am a person who needs that probably more than ever before in my life and there is nothing wrong with that, except I think we are afraid of what will happen if we slow down, take in the quiet, and just be still.

This week my bible study gal pals and I discussed how even 10 minutes can make a difference.  We need to refresh and renew and just get away from the noise for a short while and refocus, hear God’s whispers, or even just bask in His presence.  Being a teacher sometimes it is hard to get away from the demands of little ones.  But when I was walking to lunch, I truly just calmed my mind and shut it off and enjoyed the beautiful day.  Upon my return I felt ready to handle the afternoon.  There was nothing in my day that couldn’t wait those few moments so I could allow my spirit to open the windows to quiet and reset my focus.  Tonight my house is quiet and I am just allowing my soul to rest in that.

So if the noise of the world gets to be a bit much, take a few moments and find a moment of taking in the quiet.  Set your refocus button and allow God to whisper to you or simply bask in the moment.  It is worth it for our mental and physical health.

Living in the moment of quiet,



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