Hello my dear friends.  It has been eons since I have written I know.  I guess you could say I hit a roadblock in my journey and needed to take a step back for a while.  I turned fifty not long ago and that hit me a bit hard and being a teacher I was in the daily life of teaching and keeping up with my family.  I thought a lot about my blog and my writing.  Writing has always been a dream of mine and well as you probably have noticed I have lacked discipline in doing.  But these past few months God has renewed my heart and done some much needed discipline and is continuing to bring me full circle.  I realized reflection and stepping back has actually been a good thing.  So in looking at my writing I am going to try and post twice a week for now.  Maybe it will be more, maybe once sometimes.  But I feel that God is asking me to continue my dream of writing about the ordinary and living in the moment times.  I am not sure where He is taking me on this journey  but this is where He is asking me to start.  I hope you will continue to visit when you can.  The teapot is always on and there is a comfy chair with your name on it to sit a spell.

Living in the moments of today,



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