Snow Day

trees-winter-landscape_w725_h483This week I went back to the classroom.  My week was totally messed up because we went back on a Tuesday.  Talking about messing with my 50 year mind.  Needless to say by Thursday, my brain was a bit fried.  This morning I awoke to beauty like this from God’s very hand.  Talk about amazing art to live in the moment.  He does quite a painting.  Now as teachers, we look forward to days when we can stay in our pajamas, drink tea, and curl up with a great book.  Today my prayer was answered.  I love when I get the call that says NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!! That is pure joy.  This teacher might have done a bit of a happy dance.  It was unexpected and brought a bit of delight to my day.  No digging my driveway out so I didn’t get stuck.  (That is another story)  So today I am enjoying a quiet day at home with my tea, pj’s, and a great book.  I hope you are having a great day and if it is snowing, take a moment to enjoy the beauty.  I don’t like cold and snow, but I have to admit this is beautiful.  I am so grateful God loves to surprise me.  How about you?

Until next time, have a great day.  Be safe and warm.

Living in my pj’s today,



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