Life With A Puppy





Happy Thursday my friends.  Writing has not come easy this week as we have added a new family member.  When my boys were very young we got them a golden retriever named Shadow.  He was part of family for 13 years.  He made it until this past year after my sons graduated.  He was a wonderful dog and we have missed him greatly as has our other dog, Jax.  The last few months we have been looking for a friend for Jax.  I am happy to say Tucker, the golden retriever, has joined our family.  I would post a picture, but he is not willing to sit for that just yet.  Hopefully in a few weeks.  So life has been turned upside down in our house as he adjusts.  But the thing is, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He brings us joy and loves us as much as we love him already.  So we will adjust as well and live in the moment.  Who could ask for more when they meet us at the door and say welcome home.  I think that is a pretty good homecoming.  That is my live in the moment this week.

Have a great weekend,



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