Sonday Reflections




Happy Sonday.  In my neck of the woods, we are enjoying what we call the January thaw before we are hit with a major storm this week.  I have spent the day getting groceries, supplies, etc so we are prepared if it hits as they say.  I have been wanting a day of rest, but a bad storm was not exactly what I had in mind.  These last few weeks have been busy and I have felt like I have been on the fast wheel spinning and not able to get off.  Needless to say, my soul is a bit tattered and worn out.  I am a woman who loves balance, actually needs it, to move forward.  People ask me how I am doing and I say good when in reality I am hanging by a thread.  I believe I need to learn to say no a bit more.  I hate letting people down, but my heart and soul have suffered dearly because I don’t say no.  Today as I was folding laundry and preparing for school tomorrow, I wondered how can I change this?   The thing is I haven’t asked God lately how He would have me spend my moments.  In fact He has been a hurry up stop on my day.  OH how I saddened I was to think that I have no time for God.  So in the week ahead, storm or no storm, I am hoping to stop, breathe, and lean on Him to guide my moments.  To learn to say no more, and to realize that the things not done this day, will still be there tomorrow.  Is it worth running ragged over or is it just time to slow down and be in the midst of what God wants for me?  I already know the answer to that and so as I close today, I hope my sweet friends you will take the time to live in the moments that count.  Break the busy cycle and see life is right here before our eyes.  I don’t want to be remembered as the lady who followed her to do list 24/7, but rather the lady who treasured the real moments that were worth stopping for to take in.

Happy Sonday,



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