I Have A Voice





Being a teacher, I come to know the voices of my students, especially when I have them more than one year.  Teaching in a parochial school gives me the chance to get to know my students, my butterflies.  I teach in a multi-grade classroom.  But sometimes there are strong voices that drown out all the others.  There are many reasons why that happens and often I have to seek out the quiet voices.  I help them understand we all have a voice and I care about their voice.  What do they have to say?

God has a voice as well.  So often my voice tries to be loud and chatty so I can make sure He hears me.  But when He gets into my heart, I am aware of the fact that I am doing that so I don’t have to be still and listen to Him or deal with my splattered heart right now.  Funny how God uses concrete lessons to teach me.  He uses the very thing I do daily to make me see how I am just like my students.  Lately I have thought God has been silent.  That He moved on.  But the truth of the matter was it was easier for me to just not hear His voice.  I didn’t have to get in the messy and allow Him in my business.  I thought I had a better plan.  But then things happen along the journey that hurt your heart and your own voice goes quiet.  It is there that He makes himself heard in the whispers.  My voice being quiet allows Him to be front and center.  I hear but it is a while before my heart opens a crack to allow Him in.  How interesting that when I am quiet, He begins His work.  He has been waiting patiently for me to be ready to rely only on Him.  To allow Him to love me in all my messiness and splatter.  He will not leave me, friends may, and even family, but not He.  He is there for the long road ahead.

Life is an adventure, especially with Him.  I am in a season of giving Him the messy, the splattered, the broken, so He can mend and heal my heart and use me as a vessel with purpose.  I am finding that this place is not so bad.  There is light and light is good.  I am ready to get on the move, but I know that means some heart work that might be painful, but so worth it in the end.  For I will have a heart that has beauty and treasure and that is worth it all.  My friends, we all have seasons that challenge us, bring us joy, hurt, or a variety of other things.  But the thing I am learning is that the view on top of the mountain with a God so big is totally worth it.  I want Him.  I want adventure with Him.  I can only imagine what the journey will hold ahead, but I will never know unless I take the leap with Him.  That is enough for this messy, splattered butterfly girl who wants to soar.

Blessings and love on your day,



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