Dreams!  We all have them and wonder if they will ever come true.  This year I turned 50 and I am celebrating 25 wonderful years of marriage to my Mr. Darcy.  Can you tell what is my favorite book?  Oh I digress!!! My dream is to go to a quiet beach and sit and take it in.  Watch my footprints disappear as the water washes ashore.   I have always been amazed at how God brings the ocean to the shore and how big it is….like Him.  I wonder if I stand on the beach will I be small.  Next to the ocean I imagine that would be true.  But in God’s eyes I am not small.  I like to think the ocean reminds us that there is nothing God can’t handle.  He is a big God and while I am small and life can overtake me, He will swoop me into His arms so I am not swallowed by the chaos of the world.  When I think of the ocean, I think of how God is right there and I can hear His whispers.  There is just Him and me.  Nothing to get in the way.  Nothing to drown out His voice.  That is what I want.  A sacred place to just be even for a few minutes.  I hope this summer my dream of meeting God at the beach comes true.  Life is an adventure and I am sure no matter where I meet God I will not be small, but valued and cherished and most of all…loved.

Blessings on your day,



One thought on “Dreams

  1. The Ocean is My Sacred Place for “Major God Time”. When I am there He speaks to me of His Mighty Majesty in the Roaring Ocean Waves and Stormy Surf and yet He also speaks to me of His Gentle Side with the Rhythmic ebb and flow of gentler waves, warm sand and sunshine.
    Here is one of my Favorite Scriptures that speaks of the Ocean & God’s Power over it:
    “…This far you may come and no further. Here your proud waves must Stop!” Job 38:11

    Loved your Dream for The Summer Tammy and I hope it comes TRUE for you!!!
    Hugs and Blessings,


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