In A Breath




I was reminded today how precious life is and that so often we take it for granted that we will wake to see a new day.  That we need to live each moment filled with all we have and give it to others.  My heart is sad for those who lost their lives this weekend in Orlando.  They were someone’s son or daughter and they were loved.  The world has forgotten that we are not the judges of those around us.  It is not our place to judge, but we can love them.  God has asked us to do so and His Son is a perfect example of what that means to love.  In a breath young lives were taken and I am sure they were not thinking that it was their last day here on earth.

Life is meant to be savored.  To be lived.  Even in struggle there can be beauty.  But we must be willing to open our hearts and get on the journey.  Open up to those God puts in our paths.  Learn to be accepting and most of all to be Jesus with skin on.  We don’t know how our words and actions may be the very seed God will use to help them grow.

I don’t really know how to put in words what my heart is feeling, but I can pray.  Pray that we all take to heart how fast a day, a moment, or breath can change and there is no turning back.  Let us remember to love those around us with our whole hearts and be present in the moment.  Life is precious and I want to think on my last moment that I can say Lord I have served you well, lived my life moments to the fullest, now bring me home.

Prayers and blessings,



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