Morning Tea




I love hot tea and the whole ritual of teatime.  I began that ritual with my grandma when I was eight years old.  I always thought that even in trouble, my grandma seemed to grasp how to slow down, take it in, and treasure a few moments of quiet and stillness.  She once said it was about filling her heart with happiness and joy. I have continued to have tea every day since.  Being a teacher there are a lot of times my tea goes to the classroom with me.  It is my calm before the storm of kiddos that I love with my heart.  But today I got the chance to truly take in tea the way it is meant to be taken in.  It begins with a teapot filled with cleaned water, my favorite cup, and of course my favorite tea.  As I wait for the teapot to whistle its song, I am just being still.  It is really amazing what you hear when it is quiet.  The birds sang me a symphony this morning and that made me smile.  The beautiful sun brought warmth and brightness.  It was so beautiful.  Then came my favorite song that is like music to my ears…the teapot.  I am old fashioned.  I still love the idea of putting the teapot on the stove.  Yes I know they have those wonderful Kerigs but I am here to tell you they don’t make tea the way it is meant to be made.  I pour my tea and wait for it to steep.  Teatime is meant to make us slow down.  It is not a hurried process.  As I thought about that this morning, I realized how at peace I felt and not so scattered to begin my day.  Life is not meant to be run at roller coaster speed all the time.  Our souls need some time to just be, to open up, and bloom.  At least mine does.  As my tea was done, I drank it slowly and tuned into God’s fingerprints all over the world around me.  I smiled.  It was going to be a beautiful day.

Blessings my friends,









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