I bet ya’ll thought I stayed at the beach.  I wish I could have stayed longer but life goes on.  On of my favorite times was watching the sunset on the ocean.  There is something to be said for standing next to it and realizing how small you are and how big God is.  It was breath taking and something I will never forget.  To close my eyes and just listen to the waves hitting the shore and knowing they would fall back and come again.  I loved the salt air on my face and the cool breeze amid the heat.  I was reminded that so much of my world is small, not insignificant, but small.  So often I forget to breath and just take in the smallness of my world.  It has been a long while since my hubby and I have gone on a vacation.  The beach has always been a dream of mine and to experience it for myself was wonderful.  I might say there are really no words to describe the feelings of freedom and free spirit joy I felt.  I came back refreshed, refocused, and ready to take on my world.  I smile when I get busy and need to breathe for I remember the beach and the moments when I felt like I hadn’t a care in the world.  Life is full of worry and distraction and things we have to deal with, but it is also filled with God’s whispers, beauty, and breathes upon our face if we slow down and take it all in for a few minutes.  I love our Nebraska sunsets and now I appreciate them more because they remind me of a big God who walks in my very small world and how I adore that.  Take it in my friends no matter where you are!  Any place can be your sanctuary!  Anyone can remember treasures of memories from their heart and smile.  These small moments remind us of God’s love for us, especially when the waves in our life become big.




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