Sacred Quiet


There is something to be said for quiet.  I hadn’t really thought much about it until lately when I seem to find myself over busy and right smack in the middle of chaotic noise.  This past week was my first full week of school with my kiddos.  I am passionate about what I do, but it is also at times very tiring, especially in the first week of school.  We are buy adjusting to schedules, routines, and wishing we were still enjoying a bit more of summer.  By Friday, I was a bit overwhelmed.  I realized I needed to take a step back and see what was it that was making me feel so out of sorts.  Making me feel that I was on a fast roller coaster that wouldn’t stop.   Life is busy, but should not become so busy that we forget to stop and be quiet.  To breathe and be.

My soul is one that needs quiet and time to renew daily.  I realized this past week I had done very little of that.  I was trying to figure out how to balance full time work again and keeping home intact as well.  Who had time for stopping and slowing down?  By Friday, I saw the result of not taking that much needed time.  I was reminded that stopping and slowing down is not something that has to be a long time every day, but it is needed.  I realized as I gave more thought to it, that it is sacred to my soul and well being.  God reminded me I had missed my daily appointments with Him.  I had not allowed Him to fill me up with Him and give me what I needed for each day.  I used to think that resting was silly, but as I have gotten older and a bit wiser, I realize how far from the truth that is.  When I take the time, I am happy, I can breathe, and I accomplish the things that need to be done and some things fall to the next day or the next.  The fact is my to do list will never be done.

God reminded me that quiet is sacred.  It allows me to clean out the noise, be still, and take in small moments and whispers of Him that I would have missed without stopping and slowing down.  He didn’t mean for me to work every moment of the day and my soul reminded me that it can’t be free if I don’t take in some sacred quiet.  So my dear friends, I hope you will take a few moments each day to breathe and take in the moments of your day.  You will feel joy and peace and your health will be better for it too.  May we all remember that some things that are sacred are worth sacrificing for.




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