Fresh Start

I love spring!  It is my favorite time of year for many reasons.  It is a sign of a fresh start to new life and the world awakens from winter rest.  I am making a fresh start here in my little corner of the world.  I guess you could say I took a long rest.  Funny how we take a rest and God uses it to bring to the surface our true heart desires and cleans out the stuff we need to let go of.  Writing is a way for me to put my heart thoughts to words.  For so long, I didn’t share them.  It was sacred to me and still is.  But sometimes the sacred needs to be shared.  Maybe there is someone out there who needs to know new beginnings are ok.  Awakening from rest is ok.  Sacred can be for ourselves and for others.  I have no idea how often my words will come to life on this page, but I hope more often than before.  This is my sacred space for my heart to put dreams, hopes, and experiences to the written page.  My sacred space is open for you to sit a while and just be if you choose.  Sacred is just that a breathable place.  So welcome.