Change is not something I embrace easily.  I admit I like things to stay within my boundaries and comfort zone.  But the fact of the matter is change is inevitable.  Sometimes we have a say, but most times we don’t.  So it really comes down to how do you handle the change.  I pondered this for some time especially after our family suffered loss.  But with change comes beauty and moments of grace.  I love that God shows us that when the change is hard and we are kicking and screaming all the way through that season.

I saw a butterfly today and thought to myself how much change it goes through before it is a butterfly.  But the change is worth it as it comes with such beauty even though it took a while to get there.  Maybe that is part of the reason I love butterflies.  They remind me that most changes are for a season, but that there will be moments of grace, beauty, and even joy.  God will mold us into something beautiful just like He does the butterfly.  Isn’t God amazing?  I think so, along with the fact He is an adventure that I never find I am bored.  Change…something to think about.  Beauty in the moment we become more than we were before.

Blessings on your day,



My Word For The Year



I used to do resolutions and by February they were out the door.  Maybe because I am a bit of perfectionist and don’t allow myself grace when I have those days where things just don’t go according to plan.  Can I just say high frustration?  I love lists and making plans but I have learned over the years that they need to be realistic for where I am in my life journey.  I began asking God in prayer how to handle this.  I thought maybe I have a focus verse for the year.  Then I discovered I am not the only one who struggles with resolutions and many were focusing on one word.  Now that I could do.  I have been amazed the last two years how God has worked in my life.  Sometimes I discover a verse to go with my word and sometime not.  But God never ceases to amaze me in how He makes that word an adventure.

This year I did not like the word that kept coming up in my heart, prayers, devotions, etc.  In fact I thought I am not going to do a word this year.  I am not going to do anything.  Does that tell you how much I didn’t like the word God had placed on my heart.  It was a fight and I mean kicking and screaming fight for the past two weeks with not wanting to take hold of this word and see what God has in mind.  Needless to say in the end I have come to accept it and maybe I will like it by the end of the year.  My word is discipline.  Now let me just say I am a fairly disciplined person in much of my life.  But lately there have been some places where I have lacked that discipline and that is where God is beginning.  While I know it is needed and I will be better off for spending a year with this word, I find myself thinking how much discipline do I need?  I am not sure where God is leading yet, but He has already opened my eyes to the fact, I tend to let things I don’t want to do go undisciplined.  OUCH!!!! So my word and I have been trying to become friends and I am allowing God to work as He always does, but not without a bit of a fuss.  But I also know I am a work in progress and I did ask God to open my eyes to where He wants me to grow in this year.

What do you do my friends?  I would be curious to know.  Until next time, be blessed and have a great day.

Living in the moments of today,


Happy New Year




Happy New Year!  Today is the first day of your story.  365 blank pages (it is a leap year) to make it your own.  I hope you make it a good one.  I love fresh starts and this year is no different.  But I will say I don’t make resolutions as I don’t keep them well.  But I do reflect and ask God to show me what He would have me renew in the next year.  This year He hit me a word I don’t like.  Therefore until I am ok with it, I am not going to share until later.  The fact is I know where He is leading me needs some time spent there.  Just was not what I was thinking at all.  So it should be an adventure.

As we begin this year fresh and new, I pray you take the time for yourself to rest and reflect.  Remember every day is a gift to be treasured whether it holds ordinary or extraordinary moments, it is a gift.  Life is short and we don’t know what lies ahead, but God will never steer us wrong.  He will lead us on the greatest adventure ever if we let Him.  I have lost some dear ones this past year and I hope they knew what they meant to me.  This year I want to make a bigger effort to let those I love know it.  Because living out my moments are gifts and I don’t want to look back and wish I had done better.

Happy new year to you dear friends.  May it be filled with joy, blessings, and much love.