Mindful Rest




Rest!  Do we really know what that is in our busy world of today?  I don’t think we do.  We are a world who goes at lightening speed to the next thing.  We are probably not known for patience as we like things right now.  This past few weeks have been very busy and led to some stress and before I knew it, I was crabby, tired, and ready to find to throw the towel in.

As it so happened I had Friday off from the classroom.  It was then I began to think about why I was feeling the way I was.  I opened my heart wide to God and let the tears fall.  I have a choice as He reminded me.  My words, my actions, and my behavior reflect that choice.  Can I just say none of them were good by the end of the week.  So on my day off, I truly took a mindful rest from what was stressing me out and to just rest my mind, body, and soul.  It became clear to me that sometimes we need to step away to get a new perspective.  I began to see why some things were causing me stress.  Some of them throw me out of my routine and some of them are way out of my comfort zone.  I also realized I have to learn to say no.  It is ok to use that word you know.  But why don’t we use it more often?  Why must we be to the breaking point to say it?  I was reminded I can’t do all things.  God has not called me to be all things.  Just the purpose He has for me.  I prayed about some things being out of my control and He helped me see while that is true, maybe there was a purpose that He hasn’t revealed to me.

This entire past two days I have not touched my schoolwork, my teacher homework as I like to call it.  It felt good.  It was needed.  My body and spirit needed a rest from it all to renew.  I know the weeks ahead will be busy but I also know mindful rest will be necessary so I can be at my best and that might mean I have to say no and while that is hard, it is what is best when it comes to doing what God is asking of me.  My friends we all need rest and time to renew and figure out our heart.  So take the time daily…yes daily.  In the long run, we will find our words, attitudes, and behaviors will reflect that.  Besides that, I can say it feels nice to not feel like my mind is on overload and my body is at peace.  Just food for thought.






Sacred Quiet


There is something to be said for quiet.  I hadn’t really thought much about it until lately when I seem to find myself over busy and right smack in the middle of chaotic noise.  This past week was my first full week of school with my kiddos.  I am passionate about what I do, but it is also at times very tiring, especially in the first week of school.  We are buy adjusting to schedules, routines, and wishing we were still enjoying a bit more of summer.  By Friday, I was a bit overwhelmed.  I realized I needed to take a step back and see what was it that was making me feel so out of sorts.  Making me feel that I was on a fast roller coaster that wouldn’t stop.   Life is busy, but should not become so busy that we forget to stop and be quiet.  To breathe and be.

My soul is one that needs quiet and time to renew daily.  I realized this past week I had done very little of that.  I was trying to figure out how to balance full time work again and keeping home intact as well.  Who had time for stopping and slowing down?  By Friday, I saw the result of not taking that much needed time.  I was reminded that stopping and slowing down is not something that has to be a long time every day, but it is needed.  I realized as I gave more thought to it, that it is sacred to my soul and well being.  God reminded me I had missed my daily appointments with Him.  I had not allowed Him to fill me up with Him and give me what I needed for each day.  I used to think that resting was silly, but as I have gotten older and a bit wiser, I realize how far from the truth that is.  When I take the time, I am happy, I can breathe, and I accomplish the things that need to be done and some things fall to the next day or the next.  The fact is my to do list will never be done.

God reminded me that quiet is sacred.  It allows me to clean out the noise, be still, and take in small moments and whispers of Him that I would have missed without stopping and slowing down.  He didn’t mean for me to work every moment of the day and my soul reminded me that it can’t be free if I don’t take in some sacred quiet.  So my dear friends, I hope you will take a few moments each day to breathe and take in the moments of your day.  You will feel joy and peace and your health will be better for it too.  May we all remember that some things that are sacred are worth sacrificing for.



Be Still


Be still and know I am God.

~Psalm 46:10~

So often in this world we are encouraged to constantly be a living our lives at a fast pace.  As I was driving yesterday, I noticed the speed of cars all around me and they were in a hurry, hurry, hurry.  I thought to myself how sad that we feel we have to race around to be noticed, to keep up, or because we know nothing different.  I remember thinking how easy it is to get caught on that roller coaster and feel like you can’t get off.  God knows my heart so well and brought to mind a favorite verse that helped me see things in a bit different perspective.  I have come to a point in my life where I want to slow down and enjoy the moments.  If I am constantly going at the pace of the world, how will I notice God?  How will I hear His whisper?  How will I take in the fingerprints of His touch on the evening sunset?  If I choose to go at the pace that the world around me says I need to go, I will miss out on God.  I am finding in the last few months that being still is not a bad thing.  In fact, my soul craves it.  My life is busy and yet it has taken me to get to age 50 to realize I have a choice.  I can say no and that is ok.  Maybe not with the world, but with God and my heart yes.  I want to live in the small moments that are so often overlooked because we are busy trying to get ahead.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying going for your dreams and doing things is wrong.  But when it becomes our main focus we lose sight of who we are.  Each morning when I get up for tea, I hear the birds serenade me with a symphony.  I find great delight in that in the quiet of the morning.  I am not a morning person, but God is changing that slowly.  I believe He understands I need change in baby steps.  🙂  I guess what my favorite verse taught me was that I have to be still to know God and hear His whispers and see Him in the ordinary moments of my life.  I like that idea.  How about you?  What are you doing to slow down for a few moments and take in the quiet around you?  It is not easy at first, but I find I am living in the moment when I do.

Blessings my dear friends,