Happy Fall!  I know it has been a while since my last post.  Life has kept me busy and therefore

lack of time to write as often as I would really like to.  But here in my neck of the woods

it is a beautiful fall day and the

trees are dressed in their best colors, there is a coolness in the air,

and the crisp crunch under my feet makes me smile.

I love this time of year and all that it brings.  Summer warmth is hanging on as long as it can,

fall is full beauty, and winter is around the corner

waiting.  As I was taking a walk the other day, I was reminded that no matter what season we are in,

each day is a gift to be taken to heart

and a chance for us to rejoice in.  Even in the bleakest seasons and moments,

if we look hard we can find something to be grateful for, and rejoice

in the ordinary moments of the day.  It brings to mind the following verse from my heart.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

~Psalm 118:24~

So my dear friends, enjoy the season and rejoice in all the beauty that is before your eyes.

Before you know it,

the beauty will gently leave and a new season will be before you.

Make the most of the gift of each day.  It is worth it.




A Day To Remember


  Today is a day of reflection and quiet.  I am sure many of us can remember where we were, what we were doing, and how utterly shocked we were upon what happened to our country.  I read somewhere today that most of us are not sad because of the victims death, but because of the loss of innocence.  I disagree.  I didn’t know any of them, but my heart was so sad and shaken as I thought about their families and how their lives would be changed forever.  I thought maybe I don’t know them personally, but I felt like I did and I prayed.  I prayed because I would want prayer if it would me in their place.  The thing is we don’t have to know them to take it personally.  All you have to do is take one look at their faces and see they were just people like you and me with jobs, family, friends, and just doing their daily thing.  Somehow in my heart, putting a face to a name makes it personal.  So today while I didn’t know a one of them, their faces are etched in my heart and I lift a prayer up in honor of their bravery, courage, and love they had for their families.  I pray for their families as they remember not just today, but everyday their loved ones not being there.  What is so wrong with personal?  Nothing in my book.  I believe God asks us to get up and personal with all that cross our paths whether we know them or not.  Their families may never know I prayed for them, but God will because He is a personal God.  Imagine if He was not personal with us!!!  That would be heart breaking to me!!!  So say a prayer, take a moment of silence, and unite with those who need us to stand with them today.  It matters!!!! I am ever thankful for the men and women today who fight for my freedom and who willingly give all as do their families.  They sacrifice a lot so being a little personal is really not a small sacrifice for us.  Besides God asks us to take care of those who need us.

In quiet love today,


Sonday Scripture


There have been times lately when my soul has felt like the waves of the ocean.  Some days high and rough, other days calm and small.  Each make me very aware that each day I must take time to sit, breathe, slow down, and rest.  I am not good at resting as I have always felt I need to be busy.  But as I have gotten older, I have begun to see the flaw in that thinking.  God is showing me that being busy is not always good.  There is a time for rest and for doing.  So today I am sharing one of my favorite verses.  I am sure I have shared before and it will come again, but it really does reflect what God asks us to do.

Be still and know I am God.

~Psalm 46:10~

My hope is that you will take some time today to do just that before your week ahead begins.  Even when you feel you do not have time to be still, that is probably when you need to do it the most.  Let us take time to renew and refresh in the quiet with God each day.

Living in the moment,