Taking a Breath

 Today I feel like spring is finally arrived to stay.  Winter seemed to hang around so long.  The last few days I have been in awe of the robins and their sweet song.  I had forgotten how much I love hearing them sing and how much I missed them.  As I was thinking how it seemed so long before the earth breathed spring in my neck of the woods, our spirits are lot like that too.   Our hearts get filled with hurt and pain, and we lose our joy.  We forget to stop and take a breath, say a prayer, give thanks for our growth and how the journey is moving on.  My spirit lately has been hurt and I was sad.  I closed the doors on my heart and missed out on some joy God had put before me.  It wasn’t long before I opened a window in my spirit and let God do some cleaning.  While I know I have to let go and move on, it is not always easy.  But with God walking beside me, my heart can stop and take a breath and breath in His love.  That is a blessing and something I want every day.

Have a blessed Sunday,



Sacred Space

I love Sundays!  They are often quiet and it is a day I often use as rest for my spirit and soul for the week ahead.  I believe we all need a place is sacred.  A place that is away from the world’s noise, a place to connect with God, a place to reflect within our hearts, and for a few minutes forget our troubles.  I have recently taken up writing out Scripture in my journal.  I have come to find it as a sacred way to pray to God and it is peaceful.  It doesn’t solve my problems, but often it allows me to lay them at God’s feet and let Him handle them.  Sacred time doesn’t have to be long, but it allows us to breathe slowly and take in the beauty around and be filled with God himself.  That is comforting to me as I head out into the world day to day to try and serve Him as He is asked.  My sacred place is like coming home.  There is no place like home.