Being Brave

Can I just be up front and say I am not brave.  Not at all!!!  But as I sit in the beautiful afternoon sun reflecting on something of a challenge I am facing, God is asking me to trust Him, go out on a limb, and be brave in what He is asking me to do.  I have argued I can’t do this because it is so not my comfort zone.  Yet He has continued to ask me to be brave and obedient.  I admire those who come so easily to being brave  and acting like it is not a big deal.  I thought of Moses today and how he was a little like me and yet he did as God asked.  What an example for us, for me.  But in all of this, God has already shown me He has got this.  He will be faithful and He will go before  me.  It is ok to not feel brave, He will make me brave when the time comes.  Somehow that brings me peace to get on the limb, take the leap, and know God is going to catch me.

Have a blessed Sunday,