Unproductive Streak





For being a productive person most of my life, I have hit a block in the road lately called unproductive.  Yep, you heard it right here…unproductive. I am usually very productive in most areas of my life.  But lately I have been less than stellar in that department.  The other night on my evening walk I was pondering this whole bump in the road and realized a few things.

First of all, it is ok to have down time that is not necessarily productive.  We all need time to just be and rest and renew.  I have certainly enjoyed the days lately of reading books, taking evening walks, and having tea in mid afternoon.  I have felt rested and renewed and this will help in the next few weeks when I hit full stride to get ready for school and get my sons off to college.  Rest time or Sabbaths are needed.

Second of all, it occurred to me that I am a planner.  I write things down and refer to them during my day.  It doesn’t bother me if I don’t accomplish all that is on my day planner.  I just move it on to the next day and eventually it gets done.  When I write things down, I feel more productive when I have even crossed one thing off and made it through the day getting to appointments and getting a few things done.  I realized that since school has been out, I have done less than stellar in thinking through my day with God and making some decisions.  I recently bought a new day planner that doesn’t start until August, so it is easy to not plan out my day.  Today I remedied that by coping pages so I can plan until my planner comes to August.  Even better was that there is an app for my phone from the company I bought my planner.  I will be anxious to try it out.

I suppose what I learned through my ponderings is that while I like a relaxed schedule, I need balance as well.  Being a planner works with my personality and not doing any planning threw me off.  Hence nothing has gotten done that I wanted to, including writing here.  I don’t want to look back and think I didn’t do anything I wanted to over summer.  I am one to realize some things will be on next year’s summer list, but accomplishing a few will make me smile.  My dear hubby is opposite of me, he flies by the seat of his pants.  I think that is great for him, but not for me.  Not my cup of tea!

So as a new day comes, I will have a plan in place that allows for down time, but also time for me to work on some projects.  I like the idea of having both and bringing balance to my heart.

Blessings dear friends,






On Temporary Hiatus

Dear Friends,
I have not fell off the planet, but my sons are graduating this week so I am on hiatus for this week and will return to meeting with you on a more regular basis very soon.

Until we meet again take care!