Mindful Rest




Rest!  Do we really know what that is in our busy world of today?  I don’t think we do.  We are a world who goes at lightening speed to the next thing.  We are probably not known for patience as we like things right now.  This past few weeks have been very busy and led to some stress and before I knew it, I was crabby, tired, and ready to find to throw the towel in.

As it so happened I had Friday off from the classroom.  It was then I began to think about why I was feeling the way I was.  I opened my heart wide to God and let the tears fall.  I have a choice as He reminded me.  My words, my actions, and my behavior reflect that choice.  Can I just say none of them were good by the end of the week.  So on my day off, I truly took a mindful rest from what was stressing me out and to just rest my mind, body, and soul.  It became clear to me that sometimes we need to step away to get a new perspective.  I began to see why some things were causing me stress.  Some of them throw me out of my routine and some of them are way out of my comfort zone.  I also realized I have to learn to say no.  It is ok to use that word you know.  But why don’t we use it more often?  Why must we be to the breaking point to say it?  I was reminded I can’t do all things.  God has not called me to be all things.  Just the purpose He has for me.  I prayed about some things being out of my control and He helped me see while that is true, maybe there was a purpose that He hasn’t revealed to me.

This entire past two days I have not touched my schoolwork, my teacher homework as I like to call it.  It felt good.  It was needed.  My body and spirit needed a rest from it all to renew.  I know the weeks ahead will be busy but I also know mindful rest will be necessary so I can be at my best and that might mean I have to say no and while that is hard, it is what is best when it comes to doing what God is asking of me.  My friends we all need rest and time to renew and figure out our heart.  So take the time daily…yes daily.  In the long run, we will find our words, attitudes, and behaviors will reflect that.  Besides that, I can say it feels nice to not feel like my mind is on overload and my body is at peace.  Just food for thought.






The Gift of Prayer




Today I was reminded why prayer is so important.  Have you ever told someone you would pray and then forgot?  I have to confess I have done that many times.  Today my hubby and I went to breakfast and were on our way home.  I felt the urge to pray and ask God to comfort and protect those I love, my friends, and those who just need Him that I don’t know.  Shortly there after, we met an ambulance and heard life flight.  I knew that was not good and I had the worst feeling ever.  I knew it was someone I knew.  I was thankful upon arrival to my home, it was not my own.  But it was a dear friend and another dear family I knew that were involved in an accident.  I was in prayer immediately.  While I do not know the outcome of the days ahead, I learned a very valuable lesson.

Prayer matters to God and it matters to those we care about and may never meet.  Why is it we feel the need to pray only when something bad happens?  God wants more than that.  It is in prayer we build intimacy with Him and relationship.  Prayer is conversation with Him.  I asked God to open my heart as wide as He could so the line is open between Him and I.  I believe He knew my sweet friend and this sweet family we knew, needed prayer to begin before they asked.  But I also believe He wanted me to see the importance of spending time in His word and prayer to get to know Him from my head to the very marrow of my bones and that my prayer life was lacking.  I am so thankful God can take something that I can focus on and relate to and make it a life lesson.  A moment to live in the moment.

My friends God is waiting to hear from us.  Don’t wait until He asks you to do it or something bad happens.  Make a moment to live in daily.  Send those short prayers up, but also spend time at His feet and don’t do all the talking.  How else will you know what He has to say to your heart.  Being still and quiet is not easy.  I know I am a work in progress.

I know I would appreciate your prayers for my sweet dear friend and the for other family that is dear to me as well.  Ask God to give them comfort, strength, and courage to face the days ahead.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As I know God hears the prayers of one and many and works His plan.

Happy Father’s Day and blessings,


In A Breath




I was reminded today how precious life is and that so often we take it for granted that we will wake to see a new day.  That we need to live each moment filled with all we have and give it to others.  My heart is sad for those who lost their lives this weekend in Orlando.  They were someone’s son or daughter and they were loved.  The world has forgotten that we are not the judges of those around us.  It is not our place to judge, but we can love them.  God has asked us to do so and His Son is a perfect example of what that means to love.  In a breath young lives were taken and I am sure they were not thinking that it was their last day here on earth.

Life is meant to be savored.  To be lived.  Even in struggle there can be beauty.  But we must be willing to open our hearts and get on the journey.  Open up to those God puts in our paths.  Learn to be accepting and most of all to be Jesus with skin on.  We don’t know how our words and actions may be the very seed God will use to help them grow.

I don’t really know how to put in words what my heart is feeling, but I can pray.  Pray that we all take to heart how fast a day, a moment, or breath can change and there is no turning back.  Let us remember to love those around us with our whole hearts and be present in the moment.  Life is precious and I want to think on my last moment that I can say Lord I have served you well, lived my life moments to the fullest, now bring me home.

Prayers and blessings,